“Stoke,” is something Abraham has plenty of. He lives in rhythm with the sun and tides. With his paddle in hand, a board under his feet, and salt water flowing through his veins. He attests that stand up paddle boarding (SUPing) is nothing like the mafia. You’ll never want out.

The ocean spoke to Abraham from an early age. He was born in the desert and raised across the United States. Sometimes, driving over 7 hours, restless to catch a full day of sun and surf. Like a fish gasping for breath, he now resides a half mile from the beach in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Since SUPing is the world’s fastest growing water sport, Abraham and his wife, Donica, founded Paddle Hawaii out of necessity in 2009. They create hand crafted, eco-friendly paddles for surf, skate and canoes. Made with striking craftsmanship. You’d think they belong decorating an island wall, rather than getting “rinsed.” Abraham and Donica are a true SUPing couple. Often, excusing themselves for some “product testing” when the surf’s up.

Immersed in ocean life, Abraham has deep roots in sustainability. He can build or fix anything. And, can often be found helping others, and improving life around him. It’s no surprise he’s a strong ambassador for dozens of like-minded companies, including Art of Board.

To him, authenticity is to believe with your entire ability, that what you do, is of you and for you. Abraham is true to form. And like him, when you love what you do, it’s hard to say you’ve worked a day in your life.