Known in Southern California as “Pig Barber,” Dane has an affinity for the classic things in life. Historic cars. Heritage motorcycles. Aged whiskey. Good tequila. Traditional tattoos. And timeless 1950s style haircuts.  

A graduate of The Real Barbers College in Anaheim, CA, Dane opened Eagle & Pig Barbershop in 2011. It's an amalgamation of the cultures he loves. And a true reflection of whom he really is.

Looking more like an old hot rod garage than a barbershop, Eagle & Pig is Endless Summer meets Marlon Brando’s The Wild One. It’s an experience. One every guy should have. In fact, once you come in, it’s kind of hard to leave. Vintage everywhere. Furniture, surfboards, skateboards, and of course the centerpiece – a 1960 Ford F-100 pick up – his ball and chain that he hates to love. 

Dane is an original. He once considered a career in law, but chucked it so he could write his own story. The eagle in his shop's name represents America. Pigs were known as good luck charms for sailors. Eagle & Pig is his American dream, fueled by hard work, creativity and fervid independence. Dane is also the U.S. Brand Ambassador for Uppercut Deluxe – an Australian-born men's grooming brand owned by Absolute Board Company – connecting him to the direction of the brand in the states and internationally. 

He exudes authenticity. To him, that means staying true to who he is, where he came from and what he can offer the world. And as long as Dane's around, the world gets absolute style.