People come from all walks of life. What makes Daniel Santovin different, is that he has walked many of those paths. With the shape of his life resembling a zigzag of hidden opportunity, he shows that the trail behind you becomes the foundation of things to come.

Daniel comes from a big family in Cleveland, Ohio. Growing up, Daniel and his family would make bread, canned food, and jams. All ingredients handpicked from their garden. But, music was his first real passion. Listening to a local college radio station catapulted him into the punk and garage music scene. Fatefully, a group of skaters blasted past him while waiting in line for a Circle Jerks show. Awestruck, Daniel’s second passion was ignited.

Simultaneously maintaining a slew of various jobs, he also ran a DIY music venue called Speak in Tongues for 8.5 years in Cleveland. But, after a quick stint of California life in the 90’s, he was lured back in 2002 to live in Oceanside. His old Ohio friends in the industry hooked him up to be the team manager for Tracker Trucks. Daniel flourished in the skate industry, working various positions for Vans, Adio, Stereo, and Elwood. Eventually landing a position working for the Tony Hawk Foundation’s Stand Up For Skateparks annual events.

Daniel is always about helping others. After spending the last 4 years working in the woods helping kids, he’s creating his own program called Family Camp. His program will focus on teaching outdoor skills. It’s an authentic experience to help people grow, love, and heal, with skateboarding woven in.

For Daniel, authenticity is staying true to yourself rather than being a commodity. We couldn’t agree more. His genuine approach and selfless attitude is a path everyone can learn from. See what path he takes next by following him on Instagram at @the_barrio.