How does a Pennsylvania farm boy end up an artist, musician, surfer and technology guru on the Pacific Ocean? By perfecting the art of improvisation and not living by a formula. That’s not only Mark’s credo in life – it’s what he likes most about creativity. 

Self-expression was always part of his life. He never stuck to a master plan. In fact, his education was probably the most regimented part of his journey.

He’s got a Bachelor's Degree from SUNY New Paltz and a Master’s Degree from the University of Pennsylvania. But a cubicle was the last place he was rushing off to.

After SUNY, he moved to New York City to sell paintings and play in a jazz band. While attending Penn, he would meet his wife in Philadelphia and spontaneously move to San Diego after finishing school. But San Diego suits him well. There, he discovered his love for the ocean. And surfing.

He creates music that’s honest and art that sets the imagination on fire. He wants his audience to connect with him and know where he stands.  He wants his designs to stand on their own without explanation. And he wants the ocean to know that he respects it. Like Mark’s life, these are all forces of nature that cannot be predicted, told what to do, or controlled.

To him, authenticity is everything in art, music, surf and life. It can't be faked. When you fake it or approach life without it, it’s only a matter of time until you lose it all.