Born in Bondi Beach of New South Wales, Australia, Poppy started skateboarding at 8-years-old and in the last few years has gained international recognition as a competitive vert and bowl skater. 

She competes regularly in Australia and around the U.S. and has snagged quite a few first and second place wins in competitions like the Vans Girls Combi Classic, Hurley Australian Bowl Championship and World Cup of Skateboarding. Poppy rides a skateboard because she’s a creative soul. And creating is her passion. That’s why when she’s not on her skateboard, she’s surfing, painting and playing piano – all independent activities that she approaches with respect and purpose. As an illustrator and painter, she enjoys creating colorful fantasy and appreciates street artists like Zio Ziegler and Don Pendleton. 

At 14, she is wise beyond her years. In fact, she’s recently started doing paid public talks. She learns from her esteemed role models (and friends) like Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero and Eddie Elguera – who are very supportive of women’s skateboarding. Like a sponge, she gleans and respects some of the most notable qualities from the most respected female skateboarders in the world. The style of Nora Vasconcellos, the gracefulness of Lizzie Armanto, and the strength of Mimi Knoop. 

Her goal is to make a living by skating professionally like the top men of the sport. But it’s not necessarily the fame she’s after. For Poppy, authenticity means having the confidence to be yourself. And she wants to be a role model for younger girls and encourage them in any way she can. With female skateboarding gaining more momentum than ever and skateboarding potentially coming to the Olympics, she’s got her eye on the prize. And if her middle name is any indication of what her future looks like, she’ll get the opportunity to do just that.

View her recent TED Talk where she speaks about art and skateboarding. For more on Poppy, visit her website HERE