“Follow the crowd.” Are you familiar with this battle cry of mediocrity? Or, do you reject this hypnotic mantra with vigor? Rob Brink does. When he’s not relaxing in his favorite microcosm, Laguna Beach, he’s best known as the host of The Weekend Buzz, part of Tony Hawk's RIDE Channel. Rob uniquely dispels the myth that introverts aren’t outspoken.

In his native state of New Jersey, Rob became a skater 3 years before ever setting foot on a board. Entranced by a group of skaters on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk, Rob and a crowd of onlookers “booed” as cops forced the skaters to leave. The stark contrast between self-expression and cold authority was an epiphany for Rob. He was forever forward, a skateboarder.

California was never on Rob’s radar. At William Paterson University in NJ, he reluctantly changed his major from Environmental Science to English Writing. Earning his Master’s in 2001, he began writing for nearly every skate magazine ever produced, past and present. In 2004, a job offer from DC Shoes was the hook that lured Rob to Southern California.

These days, he relentlessly makes time for anything that speaks to his heart. Most people know him from interviewing pro skaters on The Weekend Buzz. In addition, he works with Know Skateboarding, Adaptive Action Sports, and, recently became the Editor in Chief of media and digital content for The Hundreds. Without conforming to the vacant hype of current trends, Rob balances multiple careers.

To him, dedicating your life to something with unconditional love is the root of authenticity. You don’t have to look the part to be legit. And, he’s right. How you present yourself is secondary, to living life from the heart.