Board & Brew Perfects its So Cal Vibe with Art of Board’s Artisan Tile July 15 2015, 68 Comments

Their deceivingly simple menu took decades to perfect. Board & Brew is nothing more than the highest quality sandwiches, craft beer, and true Southern California vibes. When standards of authenticity are so high, everything you do must pack a punch. That’s why every Board & Brew restaurant comes alive with Art of Board’s artisan tile.

In 2013, Craig Applegate and Clayton Wheeler opened their first franchised location in Carlsbad Village, California. Their concept is simple. They represent a west coast style sandwich through unique and extremely flavorful combinations. The deal gets even sweeter with carefully selected craft beer and a strong focus on value. There isn't another concept sandwich place out there that can compete with their prices.


Art of Board tile is more than a surface for Board & Brew

The designs of their interiors are as meticulously crafted as the menu itself. Casual blends of current and older styles create a laid-back Southern California feel. Art of Board tile adds a key dynamic to help Board & Brew achieve the perfect vibe. The tile not only shows well and holds its integrity over time, but also has a real authentic feel to it. And after all, authenticity is what Board & Brew is all about. Never compromising on quality ingredients or vision.

To Board & Brew, Art of Board is more than just tile surfaces. They tell a story that everyone can appreciate. That’s what makes them go far beyond aesthetics. The added texture and dimension are an irresistible conversation starter. Art of Board surfaces not only fit their vibe perfectly, they’ve become a signature element in their restaurants. The owners boast that customers continue to be blown away by the infectiously playful mosaic of color.


Just as each location has it’s own unique Art of Board tile surface, they also strive to be a unique part of the community. Board & Brew wants to be a place you can call your own. Like a modern day Cheers, they want to be the place that knows your favorite sandwich, drink of choice, and your name. They aren't trying to blow up and become something they're not. Board & Brew wants to earn the mom & pop feel, and stay that way.

Craig and Clayton already own three franchised locations. They plan on opening two more locations in the north San Diego area. And, plan to keep Art of Board as an integral part of their one-of-a-kind dining experience. Each Board & Brew feels like it's been part of the community for decades. With their passion for authenticity, they are sure to be thriving even longer.