Art of Board and Coalatree Organics launch new line of pocket tees and hats

Orange County, CA (August 1, 2014) – Art of Board, a lifestyle and design brand known for its hard surface tiles made from recycled skateboard decks, has partnered with Coalatree Organics, a Colorado-based company that manufactures sustainable apparel, to create a line of truly original and eco-friendly pocket tees, and hats. This apparel line will be available for purchase beginning on August 1 through the Art of Board and Coalatree websites and in select skateshops in the U.S. The collection features Art of Board’s original recycled skateboard designs on Coalatree’s recycled and organic clothing material.

In the massive market of the action sports industry, Art of Board is the first to incorporate actual recycled skateboard deck graphics into an apparel line. Producing this truly original merchandise coincides with Art of Board’s tagline: “Authenticity is not dead.” This apparel is just one more way Art of Board tells the true, passionate story of skateboarding. These pieces are a tangible result of skateshops and individual riders around the U.S. being part of the I Ride I Recycle movement.

“Our collaboration with Coalatree was a seamless fit,” said Bruce Boul, Cofounder of Art of Board. “Being able to create a line of products with a company that values reusing and recycling materials as much as we do adds another level of originality to our authentic designs.”

The product line’s five panel hat is made with 100% recycled polyester and features Art of Board's all over skate tile pattern at a price of $31.99. The pocket tee is made solely out of organic cotton and also retails for $31.99. 

"We’re very excited to team up with Art of Board for this apparel line,” said Charlie Bessey, Vice President at Coalatree. “We want to empower the skateboarding community by blending style, soul and sustainability in a truly authentic way, which is why we chose to collaborate with Art of Board on this project.”

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About Art of Board

Art of Board is a lifestyle and design brand that embodies the creative spirit, freedom and individuality of skateboarding. Art of Board-brand hard and soft goods pay homage to a used skateboard deck’s scratches, gouges and worn graphics – capturing the true soul of skateboarding. Creators of the first-ever skateboard recycling movement, I Ride I Recycle allows skateshops, parks, board manufacturers and individual riders to be part of the brand’s designs by recycling their skateboards instead of tossing them in the trash. The brand’s goal is to keep wood waste out of landfills, support skateshops and parks, and empower youth. By purchasing Art of Board products, customers become part of the movement and help the brand to support various action sports charities. For more information, visit

About Coalatree

The majority of our products are made from organic or recycled materials. We're passionate about sourcing the finest sustainable materials and in so doing; we support organic farms throughout the world. Buying and supporting organic goods persuades more farmers to grow organic.